Less Paper Co.

Less Paper Co.
Less Paper Co.

6 February, 2017

Less Paper Co. creates custom-built CMMS and work order management systems for field service, construction and maintenance businesses.

All of our systems are created 100% custom for each individual client and built to meet their wants and needs. We design our work order management and maintenance systems to be user friendly and help increase efficiency and productivity for your whole team.

Some of our most requested features are:
*Work order management via creating, scheduling, dispatching and tracking work orders across different statuses from start to finish of the job.
*Digital, dynamic work orders that can be filled out on devices in the field.
*Photo/document upload to work orders.
*Signature capture.
*Work order PDF generation.
*Maintenance scheduling & recurring appointments.
*Appointment reminders to customers via SMS & email.
*Integrated payment processing.
*Integrated auto answering service/voicemail systems with multiple voice mail boxes and automatic dispatch of ER calls to on call person.

And much, much more. Because all of our systems are created custom we can’t possibly list all of the features we can offer. We can guarantee that you will get a system that meets all the wants and needs of your business at a rate on par with our competitors.