Operations & Administration

Operations & Administration

Accounting Software includes a class of computer programs that perform accounting operations. The simplest accounting programs, sometimes called personal finance managers, are single-entry systems that automate check writing and record keeping. Double-entry systems include functions for general ledger, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. More sophisticated systems also support functions for payroll, inventory, invoicing, and fixed assets. Some high-end systems even support sales analysis and time billing.

msc_viewsw Business Process Management Software
Business Process Management (BPM) software is an emerging field of knowledge and research at the intersection between management and information technology.  BPM software encompasses methods, techniques and tools to design, enact, control, and analyze operational business processes involving humans, organizations, applications, documents and other sources of information.

msc_viewsw  Business Intelligence Software
Business Intelligence Software, sometimes referred to as On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP), is a category of software technology that enables analysts, managers and executives to gain insight into data through fast, consistent, interactive access to a wide variety of possible views of information that has been transformed from raw data to reflect the real dimensionality of the enterprise as understood by the user. Business Intelligence Software functionality is characterized by dynamic multi-dimensional analysis of consolidated enterprise data supporting end user analytical and navigational activities including: calculations and modeling applied across dimensions, through hierarchies and/or across members trend analysis over sequential time periods slicing subsets for on-screen viewing drill-down to deeper levels of consolidation reach-through to underlying detail data rotation to new dimensional comparisons in the viewing area.  Business Intelligence Software can be implemented using browser based configuration, or in a multi-user client/server mode and offers consistently rapid response to queries, regardless of database size and complexity. Business Intelligence Softwre helps the user synthesize enterprise information through comparative, personalized viewing, as well as through analysis of historical and projected data in various “what-if” data model scenarios.

Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP) or Manufacturing Requirements Planning Software (MRP) is a complete enterprise wide business solution that attempts to integrate all departments and functions within a company into a single computer system. ERP or MRP systems are defined by their breadth of functionality and completeness of coverage for all key business areas in an industry. ERP systems are typically implemented with manufacturing companies that have supply chains and lists of customers to manage, but there are some ERP providers that deal with other types of industries. ERP Software can also be referred to as Enterprise Software or Job Shop Software.

msc_viewsw Human Resource Management Systems
Human Resource Management Software is used across hundreds of industries as a means to manage the daily employee activities of a business. HRMS is a vital part of any organization that strives to remain healthy as an efficient business with minimized confusion surrounding its employees. Human Resource Management Software often includes methods of managing time and attendance for hourly human resources. Timeclock management, attendance tracking software, payroll tracking, vacations, sick days, and personnel training records can all be managed and automated using an HR Software system. It’s crucial to stay as organized as possible when managing many members of staff. Efficient Human Resources Management can be the difference between a productive day and a chaotic one.

msc_viewsw  Payroll Software
Payroll software is technology that aims to streamline and automate the process of paying a company’s employees. Payroll software can be purchased from a human resources technology vendor or included as a module within a larger enterprise resource planning (ERP) package.

msc_viewsw Procurement Software
Procurement software is business software that helps to automate the purchasing function of organizations. Activities including raising and approving purchase orders, selecting and ordering the product or service, receiving and matching the invoice and order, and paying the bill is handled electronically, enabling the procurement department to see everything that is ordered, ensure that nothing can be ordered without correct approvals, and lets them get the best value by combining several orders for the same type of good or even getting suppliers to bid for the business.